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Into Karen the brand new omens gotten is genuine revelations, in place of that they challenge not venture into the future

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Into Karen the brand new omens gotten is genuine revelations, in place of that they challenge not venture into the future

During the training these different forms off divination the fresh Karen, like other primitive peoples, think that he is peering to your arena of the fresh unseen however, strong pushes you to definitely take over the new universe. Once they falter within their efforts even after favorable omens, they feel one various other fuel, go against one invoked, features stored sway. The question up coming becomes so you’re able to earn the fresh favour and you may assistance of which a whole lot more important fuel inside their second strategy.


As one of the Polynesians and you can South Sea Islanders, very plus among the Karen some one, food items, pet, persons, cities, months, names, an such like., try briefly or permanently banned under penalty out of a beneficial curse dropping through to those who your investment tabu. One of the Karen such as for example bans (“ta du ta htu”) are mostly from the matrimony, adultery, births, widows and you may orphans, portents, signs and symptoms of bad luck, harvest, specific babylon escort Elgin home-based pets, the new “Bgha” feasts, the fresh new brands of people, large oceans, and also the gathering from plant life to have dyestuffs. Brand new mans concern about offensive strong spirits and you will and so taking disaster through to by themselves, was at the root of all of the, if not all, of those tabus, and therefore serve to instruct that primitive son will not recognize greater beliefs regarding carry out, but hinges on precepts covering specific enjoy within his lives. Whenever questioned why they don’t really carry out the tabued acts, really Karens articles by themselves towards the respond, “Ta t’ ghe ba” (That isn’t good). This new observation of these prohibitions, being always with specific sacrifices or choices, was a point of individualized who has originated out of previous generations.

It is obvious that all of your own tabus try about the fresh new residential lifetime together with employment of those

Simply in certain era are they concerned with passion extremely tribal. It was previously the fresh new personalized among the many Red Karen toward mothers of potential chiefs of the group, and for the chiefs on their own, to help you avoid making use of grain and alcoholic drinks.[28-1] The fresh new tabu into the dining regarding grain of the these persons is actually tough to establish; however, we know that Purple Karen have fun with rice less extensively compared to the inhabitants of your flatlands, yams or any other origins constituting a fundamental element of the diet. Brand new suggestion is made that tabu for the alcoholic drinks taking by chiefs and their mothers, is actually for the intended purpose of promoting this new quality off attention therefore fashionable on leaders of one’s group; however it is truer to say that they think you to because of the ascetic strategies you can obtain strange energies–maybe magical–often getting on your own or, in the case of the main, to have his individuals. If Purple Karen chiefs observed the tabus they prospered, but when they ignored them it suffered hardship, it is so-called.

Matrimony regarding a beneficial Karen with a man of some other competition was earlier purely forbidden. Which exclusiveness kept the new racial stock natural and you can unmixed. In recent years the newest ban hasn’t been carefully implemented. And that, the latest traps amongst the Karen into one-hand and the Burmese and you can Shan on the other side had been somewhat poor, betokening–it should be confessed–an ethical looseness which had been unknown prior to. This new village elders constantly was able one to marriages outside of the tribe (“taw leu hko”) weren’t an effective, whether or not such as for instance unions have not been lately tabued. e group or of the identical village, providing the people worried aren’t so much more directly related than simply cousins, are allowed. To marry a family member better than a sibling is incest, and all of this new people restrict such as unions. At the time away from a wedding inside a village the fresh populace are forbidden to help you work.